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Ondaarcoiris es el podcast orientado para el público gay y en general LGBT de habla hispana que a través de colaboradores y entusiastas expertos cuenta el.
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Many of the skills Richard has brought into the music business were first honed in the surreal and riveting world of NYC nightlife, where Ronie and Marti have been mainstays for close to a decade.

Richard first met Viki Villainess and Ari Kiki, phenomenal NYC drag queens, at a now-defunct weekly party named our Lady of Saliva where punk looks and acid humor coalesced into a long lasting friendship. The playlist is comprised of some of their favorite songs to perform and high energy jams that will have you doing more cart wheels and shablams than a Drag Race contestant about to get the chop.

He's also been bundling these weekly releases into a playlist called El Ruido de la Semana, which brings together tracks from Latin and Anglo artists across different genres. Songmess also has a weekly playlist now called BOPS, which we are sharing across all our social media. Only the best for you! Neysa Blay is new on the scene but paying her dues. Get to know Neysa Blay and don't forget to support your local emerging artists! Her debut album, 's VIA, brought together a message of environmentalism, activism and old-school hip-hop values to get fans pondering and bopping at the same time.

The playlist was curated by both Nakury and Rebecca Lane and we guarantee the might of Central America shines throughout. Fernanda is a computer engineer and has worked at a graphic design studio but music remains her passion. She picked up guitar as a teenager and spent a season in London at a songwriting program where she was able to meet, collaborate and learn from her peers. Today Sailawway is one of the brightest new names in Mexican indie, and ahead of their performance at CDMX's Departamento this Thursday, October 4th, we are also premiering their latest single!

Osorio is never quite certain how to label Sunset Images, whether as noise, experimental, post-rock or within any other genre. He started the band after attending a fateful Mogwai show when he was 19, where he was both blown away and inspired to begin a project of his own. Sunset Images have received critical acclaim for their overwhelming sound and inventive live performances, toured Mexico, Japan and were based in NYC for six months where they recorded and performed regularly.

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On today's very special episode of Songmess we are joined by journalist and nightlife nymph Cat Donohue who has curated a phenomenal playlist of underground club tracks by producers from Latin America and across the diaspora. Originally from San Francisco, California, Cat has been living in Mexico City for over 4 years, becoming involved with the city's rich array of artistic and political nightlife. Cat works the door at wildly popular monthly party Traición and frequently contributes to publications like Remezcla, Fact Mag, The Advocate, Them and more, where she puts a focus on politics of gender, sexuality, unique artistic expressions and music that'll make your booty clap.

Today's conversation is all about Cat's journey, stories and the people she's met along the way, excellent club music and why it's important we honor and compensate artists fairly for the work they do. Guest, journalist and musician, Marcos Hassan joins us for one of the messiest, most fun and informative episodes to date. A frequent contributor at Remezcla, Noisey en Español and numerous other publications, Marcos has devoted much of his writing career to documenting and promoting obscure corners of Latin American music.

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As a musician, Marcos has been in many bands but currently records and performs as balada-drone project Caos Del Té. He has also worked in radio, organized industry networking conferences and even started a record label named Kiddie Riot. While on a recent visit to Mexico City, Pat stopped by the studio and shared some new jams, chisme and lots of laughs. Please share, subscribe and find us on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or contact us at songmessmusic gmail. On today's very special episode of Songmess we have the great honor of welcoming The Plastics Revolution, Mexico City's phantom indie pop supergroup.

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All six members of the Plastics Revolution have known each other since high school, often linking up to form different bands throughout. Over the last decade, school and career opportunities scattered different band members to the US, UK and across Mexico, giving the band omnipresent mystique with sporadic performances and few releases. As of , all musicians have returned to Mexico City to reclaim their throne as indie pop royalty and we were lucky enough to sit down with half the band, Jules vocals, guitar , Fernando synth, guitar and Santi bass, synth and discuss their history, side projects and upcoming plans.

Getting his name from a love of magic, which he has been practicing since elementary school, Magio has also established a musical brand that mixes tech, synth pop and clever humor to dazzling effect. Magiobus has become synonymous with chip tune, a product of his geeky nature and a talent for coding. Magio has a major passion for tech, both hardware and software, making him an avid collector of synthesizers, oscillators and modulators.

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He also runs an IG page called Polywave devoted to the subject, constantly experiments with production software and shouts out fellow developers. One noteworthy highlight is Mulaka, a video game created by Chichuahua developers Lienzo which they describe as "a 3D action-adventure game based on the rich indigenous culture of the Tarahumara.

On today's very special episode of Songmess we are joined by Richard's long time friend Tania [Tanisch] Miranda as we hop into the way back machine with a playlist of señora jams. Well, it's a rite of passage in every Latinx household for the weekends to be filled with classic songs from our parents' formative years.

Defined by deeply emotional subject matters like unrequited love, infidelity and self-empowerment, - which often speak to the heartbreak that our family matriarchs though not exclusively have weathered throughout their lives, - these profoundly relatable anthems made stars and icons out some of the Spanish-speaking world's most beloved singers.

These songs produce bittersweet nostalgia to this day because we associate them with the household chores we dreaded as children, and yet we can look back on them fondly as adults reminiscing on simpler times. A señora at heart, Tanisch's credentials were immediately vetted by the numerous drunken cantina singalongs we've shared. She is no stranger to the music business either, having worked for Nylon and developing partnerships between indie artists and brands like Vans and Nike.

Tanisch is also an experienced road manager, working with Vyctoria, Vaya Futuro and Camille Mandoki, and was one of the key players in organizing our Bushwick de los Muertos showcase episode 22 nearly 2 years ago. This episode is all about the surprise factor so we are skipping our usual artist listing. You'll just have to press play and relive the house cleaning vibes with us. Returning guest Oscar Morales of Bring My Noise joins us for another new music episode and we are packing the hits! Today's playlist is loaded with neo-perreo, dope new psych and more pop bangers than even we can handle.

Our conversation is also a full blown kiki, largely inspired by Thalia's iconic Instagram stories and our aspiration to someday match her inimitable zorra-ness. Smash that play button because we promise this playlist is about to turn you out! On today's very special episode of Songmess we are joined by one of Monterrey's top party ringleaders, DJ and producer Nurrydog! Nurry has been making schmoney moves for years, energizing the local club scene by embracing the spirit of Sonideros clandestine street parties , grooming and producing for emerging talent with his Estudio and frequently crossing over to the US to perform with Texas crews Peligrosa and Bombón.

Nurrydog also produces original music, as with his debut EP from last year Truena el Sonidero, and is currently working on new material, some of which you might be about to hear This episode is mega fun and gives some insight into border party culture, so smash that subscribe button and make sure to follow Nurrydog on all social media and streaming platforms.

On today's very special episode of Songmess we are joined by Los Mundos, one of the most exciting bands in Mexican psych. Richard met with Chivo and Luis while visiting Monterrey a few weeks ago, digging into the band's history and inspirations over some beers in their studio. Chivo once played with indie darlings 60 Tigres while Luis fronted the artsier Piyama Party. Both musicians met over a brief collaboration in , but after discovering an immediate creative chemistry, the two decided to start a band. Los Mundos have released 4 LPs and 4 EPs over 6 years and have crafted an overwhelming signature sound of blaring guitars and crashing drums.

Our conversation with Los Mundos touches on their long road to finding a sound that suits them, the myriad projects, labels and collectives they are involved with including Abstrakt Muzak and Avandadoom and the venues and bands they are most excited about in their hometown of Monterrey. The playlist is pretty heavy, so buckle up and enjoy the trippy ride.

On today's very special episode of Songmess we are joined by Edgar Mondragón, a Mexico City native known for his cerebral ambient and experimental productions. Building buzz since with his eponymous band, and an EP and album under their belt, Edgar has since struck out on his own, focusing on even denser sonic explorations and a growing interest in film scores. Back in July, Edgar dropped an EP of second songs called Memoria y Sonido, meant as a creative experiment laced with criticism on how rapidly we consume and discard media in today's world. Edgar's new EP Pleamar, dropping August 17th, continues his musical investigations though this time on a more expansive level.

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Today's conversation is all about Edgar Mondragón's journey, his creative process and why he believes electronic music is filled with much more narrative structure that it's actually credited. Carolina is based in Mexico City, calling the metropolis home for the last two years, where she has made a splash in the scene with her effervescent Caribbean energy.

Carolina's music is a mixture of jazz, afro-Caribbean percussion and experimental production that all serve as a colorful backdrop for the singer's own acrobatic vocal abilities. Our conversation goes everywhere, touching on Dominican music legends, matters of racial and cultural heritage, the importance of indie artists supporting each other and the myriad challenges women face in the music business. We guarantee that by the end of this episode you will have fallen in love with Carolina Camacho and we highly recommend you check out her live shows coming to New York, Washington DC and a few others later this month and September.

On today's very special and speedy episode of Songmess we are joined by our first returning guest, Alberto Castillo of Acuérdate Noé. While on a brief visit to Monterrey, Richard had the opportunity to sit down with some exciting artists for interviews that will be dropping over the coming weeks. Literally on the last hour of his visit and while in route to the airport, Richard and Alberto were able to record a quick new music episode with some of our favorite recent releases.

Enjoy, and we'll be back with our regularly scheduled programming next week! On today's very special episode of Songmess we have another podcast crossover, this time with our big bro Luis Octavio from Nos Vemos en el Swap Meet. One of the co-founders of Podcasterio Network and the whole SupportBrownPodcasts family, Luis Octavio started out as one half of Tamarindo Podcast before diving full time into the beautiful and at times sensitive waters of his solo podcast.


Nos Vemos en el Swap Meet began with interviews of people at swap meets around Los Angeles but has evolved into a platform for intimate conversations that highlight love, sacrifice and hard work in Mexico and Latinx immigrant communities. Luis Octavio is also massively entrepreneurial, partnering with and starting several business ventures like Molcajete Dominguero, Calchonies underwear and swimsuit lines, La Jota App and more. We'll link to everything below, but make sure to subscribe to Nos Vemos en el Swap Meet and support Luis Octavio's myriad projects, all of which center local businesses and community stories.

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  • We've featured a lot of dark sounds on the show lately so for today's very special episode of Songmess, guest Carla Rivarola has curated a list of sunny guitar-driven rock and pop songs that will lift your spirits and your bum out of your seat. Carla Rivarola is a gifted guitarist and songwriter from Mexico City and an inspiring poster child for the rewards of hard work, those guitar skills don't come for free. From her studies in classical composition to the fluctuating language of her songwriting, Carla's process is one of honesty and constant self reflection.

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